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Our Motto To This Day!BIRD FILMS has been a family-owned and operated business serving the photographic industry since 1928.  Originally situated in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, the company started with the basics selling Kodak cameras, film, and associated accessories.  Dick Bird, the founder of Bird Films, was a pioneer in the industry and became famous and world renown for his many exploits in the photographic field.  He became most notably known for his filming and capture of such major world events as the Spanish Civil War, Hitler Youth rallies, WW II, and famine in China.  Over the years, Mr. Bird's love for nature photography found him crossing paths with Walt Disney for whom he eventually worked with for many years.

Bird Films in 1928Bird Films had many downtown locations (1928 Scarth Street location shown in photo) over the years opening a second location in Regina's first strip mall, the Golden Mile Plaza in 1961. The downtown location was closed in 1967 and was not reopened until 1985 on the Scarth Street Mall. This downtown location was forced to close in 1996 after struggling through three years of city construction on the Scarth Street Mall.  Despite this setback, Bird Films persevered and still has a thriving business in the Golden Mile Shopping Centre today.

In the late 1960's, Mr. Bird passed the business on to his son-in-law Olaf (Olie) Kaad.  Mr. Kaad operated Bird Films from 1967 through to the mid 1990's.  In the late 1990's, Mr. Kaad passed the company on to his grand-daughter, Lori and her husband Marshall Desjardins.  They have been operating the business since 1998 but Lori has actually been involved with the business since the late 1970's.

Thank You For Supporting Locally Owned Canadian BusinessBird Films has become a specialty photographic outlet offering digital cameras, associated accessories and hardware for all photographers.  For the sportsman and outdoor enthusiasts, we carry a full line of top brand name binoculars.  For those traveling abroad, passport photos are offered while you wait - no appointment necessary!

Bird Films still offers film for the die-hards albeit in a more limited capacity due to the shift to digital technology.  Digital camera cards, batteries, camera bags and all the goodies associated with your digital camera purchase are readily available.  We also have digital kiosks in-store which enables us to print digital images from any digital camera card or CD/DVD in minutes.  The beauty of these machines is that they are self-serve and extremely simple to use enabling our customers to work alone and make prints all by themselves.  We encourage our customers to come in, take a seat, and print their pictures at our kiosk at their leisure.  Of course, we are always there to help you get started or if you'd prefer, we'll help you through the entire ordering process!

If you're simply looking to order digital prints from our mini-lab, feel free to come in, take a seat, relax and use one of our digital kiosk order stations.  Bring in your digital memory card, CD, or DVD and we'll help you get started.  As many of our customers know, part of the allure of Bird Films is it's intimate atmosphere and relaxed environment!  It's not uncommon for many of our customers to sit at one of our order stations, and spend an hour or more sifting through and selecting their favorite photos for print.

In June 2005, we launched our new on-line photofinishing service.  This new and exciting service enables customers to not only send us their digital images for printing on-line but also allows them to share their images via email with friends and family.  An additional benefit, is free storage of your many precious digital images. 

In October 2008, we introduced Foto Books to our online print service.  Now you can design and order a photo book from the comfort of your own home.  We have a book style for everyone's tastes and many innovative layouts to choose from.  If you need a hand to get started or simply have a few questions, please give us a call.  Many new and exciting features are on the way with our online print service, so keep on coming back!  We are confident that once you give it a try, you will find the benefits very fulfilling and useful.  It's a fun service and best of all, access is free and can be done in the comfort of your own home or office!  If you haven't already tried it, simply click here and we will whisk you off to our site!

Bird Films TodayBird Films is widely regarded for their photofinishing excellence.  We have been personally serving the Regina market in this area since 1985 when we purchased the city's first photofinishing mini-lab.  Our reputation in the area of picture printing is unsurpassed.  We encourage you to bring in your digital images or your traditional film rolls to try out our service and quality.  As our many customers are aware, we personally hand inspect each and every photo we print.  With film print orders, we check for dust and adjust color and density when necessary.  In the digital age, we need not worry about dust, but adjustment of color and density when required is always a must with our print technicians!  In 2012, we upgraded our Noritsu mini-lab to a state-of-the-art eco-friendly Noritsu dry printer.  Noritsu is the industry leader in print technology and it only made sense for Bird Films to continue to offer this high quality technology to our customers.  The quality of prints from this new machine is simply amazing.  As in the past, our customers still have the option of printing on a matte or glossy surface.  As usual, our Noritsu print lab is spotlessly maintained and monitored daily to ensure your prints are always  printed correctly with the utmost care.

Bird Films staff are experts in the field and boast a combined experience in the photographic industry of over 55 years between a staff numbering only four people.  We are known for our superior customer service and expert advice.  In 2005, we joined forces with Canada's largest photographic buying group of independently owned and operated dealers, Foto Source Canada.  Today, the membership exceeds 200 stores across the country.  What this means to you, our customers, is big box purchasing power to ensure you always get the best price!  You can contact us by email: birdfilms@accesscomm.ca or by phone at (306) 586-0311.

To commemorate our 85th Year in Business, the Regina Leader Post wrote a very nice article that spanned the three generations of our business.  To read the article, please click on the following link ... story.html

In the beginning, Mr. Bird coined the following phrase, "Bird Service is Personal Service", a motto we are proud to say holds true to this very day.  So, if you're in the Regina area, please come in for a visit. You'll be awfully glad you did.

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